Dermal Filler Training

Dermal filler training for all levels of skill.

As dermal filler treatments are a skill that requires mastering, you’ll need to be taught all of the tips and tricks that go with it during our dermal filler training courses.

You will learn how to treat lips, peri oral (smoker’s lines), cheeks, hands and chest (decollete) on advanced dermal filler training courses.

You will be guided and encouraged to make decisions on indications, so that your thinking along the right lines during assessments and that you can develop the ‘eye’ required to become a successful aesthetic practitioner.

“I have recently had the pleasure of meeting Chantalle…. As a dentist of over 20 years experience but fairly new to the field of medical facial aesthetics I have found progress somewhat slow in practice, mainly due to my own lack of confidence in my practical technique, although I have attended a number of different courses. Having spent only a day with Chantalle, treating my own model and observing others, I can honestly say I have picked up many more essential practical tips.Chantalle clearly explains every small detail to ensure correct procedures and the results achieved are fantastic. I am going to be organising another mentoring session with Chantalle in the next few months and now feel a lot more confident to offer more advanced treatments to my patients.”
Dr Clare Quinn, Birmingham.

Small groups are vitally important to help you develop confidence with practice, only achievable in small groups. We have a maximum of 4 practitioners per tutor on any dermal filler training course.

What else must you know to ensure you gain the most practical experience?

You need to know how many syringes you will use on the day. Not the number that will be demonstrated or the number of models, but the whole number of syringes you will use, to give yourself the best possible start with the most practical experience under your belt. People are always shocked to find that we offer a minimum of 6 syringes of dermal fillers on our complete courses.

“My collegue and I recently attended the advanced dermal filler training course with Honey Fizz. We both found the day really informative with the opportunity for lots of practical experience. Chantalle was very friendly and approachable which helped me get the best from my day. Would highly recommend on and I intend to do some further training in the future. Having previously trained with other companies I would say this beats then hands down.”
Gemma Montgomery, Registered Nurse, Yorkshire.

We challenge you to take our course. Compare our practical sessions quality for quality, and not price for price. Don’t just take our word for it, look at our testimonials from our delegates and ask them about other training courses they have attended. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and be pleased you spent the right money in the right place.

Course types available:

Basic Dermal Filler Training Course

You need to learn the basics, before embarking on advanced techniques, therefore we teach you how to treat the most common areas first before progressing to more technique sensitive areas on the advanced training. We recommend this course, to practitioners who aren’t confident with injections or for those who want to start their aesthetic practice slowly. This course will give you the skill required to treat the symptoms caused by ageing, in order to treat nasolabial folds and marrionette lines.

Complete Dermal Filler Training Course

This is the basic and advanced dermal filler training course rolled into one price, but are offered on separate days to give you the opportunity to gain experience before embarking on advanced techniques. We offer this training over 2 separate training days, with the insistence of case studies in between, to practice the least technique sensitive areas first in the basic half of your training, before embarking onto the advanced peri oral lines, lip filler (lip augmentation) training half of the training at a later date.

Learn how to treat hands, chest, nasolabial lines, marrionette lines, peri oral (smokers lines), cheeks and lips. The best base for all practitioners who want to offer their clients a full service from the beginning of their aesthetic business. There is no need for advanced training after this course. The only aspect required afterwards is practice, where you have the added option of doing this under supervision via our mentoring service. This course not only ensures you will be able to treat the symptoms of ageing but you will also be able to address the ’cause’ of the aging face and return volume through offering the most important service of cheek volumising.


This valuable service is for practitioners who want to work under supervision to gain confidence in the treatments their offering. You simply pay for the product used on the day. We can bring the products with us, to give you peace of mind, instead of worrying about holding stock and deliberating over what products to purchase. We’ll also ensure you get discount products on the day.

What else will I learn?

  • Dermal Fillers and their history
  • Patient selection
  • Product ranges, covering teosyal and juvederm
  • Cautions and Contraindications
  • Management and treatment of complications
  • Patient Record
  • Treatment techniques

What will I receive on completion?

  • Certificate for insurance
  • Supplier information
  • Course Presentation
  • Login details for access to down-loadable support material
  • Dedicated telephone support helpline
  • Names of local mentors/ practitioners
  • Free network meetings

What next?

To see what we offer and guarantee, please call us on 0845 519 4823 or contact us via our enquiry form.

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